I am groot


Firstly Adam warlock's intro was marvelous, which made me hate Kang's depiction in Quantumania even more because Adam seems way more hardcore than Kang was shown(shown, not talked about). Same with the high evolutionary, they delivered on their reputation.

Now the movie as a whole, I loved even more. It's lively and emotional, alternates between the two and some times blends them. Serving as a farewell to a beloved band of misfits who became family, and I don't recall ever feeling this connected to their characters before. Rocket takes the spotlight but everybody else is great as well, both antagonist and protagonist.

Second half is chaotic, but I loved it. The movie in general is very emotional but packed with great action as well, with most of it in the last third of the movie. Adam warlock felt like a waste, he's portrayed as a really strong character yet felt like he's in the sidelines for the whole movie; just popping up here and there then disappears. He deserved a better character arc after his introduction, but hopefully we'll be seeing more of him. I thought the third act was predictable though, especially his and mantis's role in it, like "oh mantis/warlock would be very convenient for this scenario" and a few moments later he/she pops up.

I think the best quality is that it's one of the few superhero movies I felt invested in the characters in a while. The movie focuses on the emotional aspect of it more instead of the plot and looking cool, even though that's a prevalent theme of the movie. I wasn't expecting it to enjoy it as much despite looking forward to it, thought it'd be another case of superhero burnout. It's sad and well made farewell to the guardians of the galaxy... as we know them. Oh and I forgot to mention it's pretty funny.